[lustre-devel] lfs usage with OST pool quota flags

Defazio, Gian-Carlo defazio1 at llnl.gov
Mon Aug 31 11:28:50 PDT 2020

I'm planning to add a feature to lfs-quota (a relatively quick check for EDQUOT)
and I have some questions about how the new OST pool quota feature will change things
with regards to how the quota system works internally and how the lfs-quota options will change.

For how the system actually works internally:
The struct lquota_entry (lqe) now has 2 edquot flags,  lqe_edquot and lge_edquot.
Does lqe_edquot still represent the QMT's current knowledge about whether or not
an entity has exceeded a quota for the pool associated with the lqe, or do the
lge_edquot flags need to be checked as well to make this determination?

For how lfs-quota works:
There is now a -pool option. Can this flag be used in conjunction with the default value flags
(-U|-G|-P)? Such as
lfs quota -U -pool qpool1 /mnt/lustre
To check the default user quota values for OST pool qpool1?

I'll need to update lfs-quota.1, lfs-setquota.1, and the lfs.c help section for my feature, but since
the flag I add will have to interact with the -pool flag in some cases, I also need to update those files
for the OST pool quotas. Is that already happening? I see that there's LUDOC-467 to add OST pool quotas to the manual.

Gian-Carlo DeFazio
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