[lustre-devel] New tag 2.13.57

Oleg Drokin green at whamcloud.com
Wed Dec 9 20:01:23 PST 2020


   A new tag 2.13.57 was created in Lustre master development branch.

   Here’s the changelog:
Al Viro (1):
      LU-13745 llite: switch generic_file_splice_read() to use of ->read_iter()

Alex Zhuravlev (12):
      LU-13636 osd: create agent inode with explicit owner
      LU-14050 utils: fix fraction output logic
      LU-14037 osd: track commit cb in flight
      LU-14093 ptlrpc: redefine uop_params_off to support gcc10
      LU-14102 tests: add a pause in open-close in sanity/160l
      LU-14009 osd: missing ldiskfs_htree_unlock()
      LU-14052 ofd: support for multiple access readers
      LU-13195 obdclass: show FID for corrupted llog
      LU-13159 osd: osd-zfs to release index back structures
      LU-14140 osd: don't panic meeting OI dups
      LU-13170 osd: positive lookup shouldn't return an error
      LU-14154 ldiskfs: gcc10 support

Alexander Boyko (4):
      LU-14031 ptlrpc: remove unused code at pinger
      LU-14031 ptlrpc: decrease time between reconnection
      LU-12956 ldlm: fix hrtimer using
      LU-14031 tests: check client reconnect

Alexander Zarochentsev (1):
      LU-11290 ldlm: page discard speedup

Amin Tootoonchian (2):
      LU-14010 build: Add missing deps for dkms client
      LU-14010 build: Ensure dkms installs all Lustre modules

Amir Shehata (2):
      LU-13972 o2iblnd: Don't retry indefinitely
      LU-14016 libcfs: use atomic64_t for libcfs_kmem

Andreas Dilger (10):
      LU-11548 llite: increase readahead default values
      LU-12931 libcfs: skip cfs_time_seconds() indirection
      LU-12542 osd: consolidate RCU handling
      LU-13745 tests: skip sanity test_426 for 4.18+
      LU-13665 tests: skip sanity subtests for new features
      LU-14061 utils: prefer mounting with specified fstype
      LU-930 utils: document 'lfs getstripe -N' option
      LU-13390 tests: add debugging to sanity test_65n
      LU-13980 osd-ldiskfs: print label instead of device
      LU-5855 tests: enable skipped sanity-lfsck DNE ZFS tests

Andrew Perepechko (2):
      LU-13822 ptlrpc: fixes for RCU-related stalls
      LU-12353 ldiskfs: speedup quota journalling

Andriy Skulysh (6):
      LU-13992 llite: ASSERTION( last_oap_count > 0 ) failed
      LU-13989 ldlm: BL AST vs failed lock enqueue race
      LU-13988 mdt: ASSERTION(!lustre_handle_is_used(&lh->mlh_reg_lh)) failed
      LU-13987 ldlm: Don't re-enqueue glimpse lock on read
      LU-13990 ldlm: ldlm_flock_deadlock() ASSERTION(req != lock) failed
      LU-13994 ldlm: osc_object_ast_clear() is called for mdc object on eviction

Arshad Hussain (3):
      LU-13699 mdt: Improve message reporting for mdt_identity.c
      LU-13765 osd-ldiskfs: Extend credit correctly for fallocate
      LU-13765 osd-ldiskfs: Rename dt_declare_falloc to dt_declare_fallocate

Aurelien Degremont (3):
      LU-13984 ptlrpc: throttle RPC resend if network error
      LU-14057 ptlrpc: don't log connection 'restored' inappropriately
      LU-14073 ptlrpc: remove debugging assert using segment_eq()

Bobi Jam (1):
      LU-14042 llite: don't check layout info for page discard

Brian Behlendorf (2):
      LU-13946 build: OpenZFS 2.0 compatibility
      LU-1742 o2iblnd: 'Timed out tx' error message

Chris Horn (7):
      LU-14083 build: Don't overwrite KBUILD_EXTRA_SYMBOLS
      LU-13571 lnet: Correct handling of NETWORK_TIMEOUT status
      LU-13837 lnet: Introduce constant for net ID of LNET_NID_ANY
      LU-13571 lnd: Use NETWORK_TIMEOUT for txs on ibp_tx_queue
      LU-13571 lnd: Use NETWORK_TIMEOUT for some conn failures
      LU-13569 lnet: Introduce lnet_recovery_limit parameter
      LU-13569 lnet: Add lnet_recovery_limit to lnetctl

Cyril Bordage (2):
      LU-10728 utils: fix str length in error string
      LU-13728 utils: add missing global parameters

Dominique Martinet (1):
      LU-10262 mdt: mdt_reint_open: check EEXIST without lock

Elena Gryaznova (1):
      LU-13948 tests: load modules after reboot_node

Etienne AUJAMES (3):
      LU-13056 utils: Default MGS device llog_print/llog_catlist
      LU-13845 utils: Quota id 0xFFFFFFFF is invalid
      LU-13746 utils: check argument logname presence in llog_print

Hongchao Zhang (3):
      LU-12232 test: call dt_sync after dd
      LU-13719 lov: doesn't check lov_refcount
      LU-12546 mdt: abort recovery between MDTs

James Nunez (1):
      LU-10059 tests: sanityn 32a error messages

James Simmons (1):
      LU-13740 build: announce Ubuntu20 support

Jean-Yves VET (1):
      LU-13891 utils: fix memory leak in llapi_ladvise()

Jian Yu (12):
      LU-13919 kernel: kernel update RHEL7.8 [3.10.0-1127.19.1.el7]
      LU-13590 kernel: new kernel [RHEL 7.9 3.10.0-1160.2.1.el7]
      LU-13590 kernel: RHEL 7.9 server support
      LU-13961 kernel: kernel update RHEL8.2 [4.18.0-193.19.1.el8_2]
      LU-14029 kernel: new kernel [SLES15 SP2 5.3.18-24.24.1]
      LU-13949 build: add autogen.sh into distribution tarball
      LU-14116 autoconf: check if DES3 enctype is supported
      LU-13839 kernel: new kernel [RHEL 8.3 4.18.0-240.1.1.el8_3]
      LU-14077 kernel: kernel update SLES15 SP1 [4.12.14-197.64.1]
      LU-14129 kernel: kernel update RHEL7.9 [3.10.0-1160.6.1.el7]
      LU-14170 build: Update ZFS version to 2.0.0
      LU-13839 kernel: RHEL 8.3 server support

John L. Hammond (11):
      LU-14006 o2ib: raise bind cap before resolving address
      LU-14012 lod: properly initialize lcm in lod_layout_convert()
      LU-14067 test: skip compile tests on aarch64
      LU-13745 tests: skip sanity test_426 for 4.15+
      LU-14049 utils: manage thread resources in alr_batch_print()
      LU-14051 utils: flush alr batch file in thread
      LU-12632 hsm: wait longer in sanity-hsm test_90()
      LU-14053 utils: detect hangup in ofd_access_log_reader
      LU-14136 utils: correct error message in lfs mirror extend
      LU-14054 utils: add --exit-on-close to ofd_access_log_reader
      LU-14043 lfs: use buffered IO in mirror extend

Kirill Malkin (1):
      LU-13651 hsm: call hsm_find_compatible_cb() only for cancel

Lai Siyao (11):
      LU-13511 obdclass: don't initialize obj for zero FID
      LU-13983 llite: rmdir releases inode on client
      LU-10753 osd-zfs: initialize obj attr correctly
      LU-13824 test: test sanity 230q with fewer files on ZFS
      LU-13437 mdc: remote object support getattr from cache
      LU-13437 llite: pass name in getattr by FID
      LU-11631 mdd: migrate symlink for cross-MDT rename
      LU-13666 lod: update .do_index_ops on layout detach
      LU-12960 lod: don't set index for 2nd stripe if specific
      LU-14105 lfsck: don't LBUG() on disk data
      LU-14172 lmv: optimize dir shard revalidate

Mikhail Pershin (5):
      LU-14070 tgt: check obd_recovering in tgt_brw_unlock()
      LU-10810 ptlrpc: introduce OST_SEEK RPC
      LU-10810 clio: SEEK_HOLE/SEEK_DATA on client side
      LU-10810 test: test lseek support in tools
      LU-13543 lustre: update *pos in seq_file .next functions

Minh Diep (2):
      LU-12214 build: fix suse require krb5
      LU-14036 build: fix lbuild for MOFED 5.1

Mr NeilBrown (10):
      LU-13977 tests: fix float comparison in sanity test_255a
      LU-13006 jobid: enhance tests to check per-session jobids.
      LU-13017 tests: disable statahead_agl for sanity test_56ra
      LU-13981 tests: use $TRUNCATE consistently and correctly.
      LU-13982 tests: fix infinite loop in sanity test_184c
      LU-13985 lustre: seq_file .next functions must update *pos
      LU-13986 target: fix possible liveloop in distribute_txn thd
      LU-14073 build: fix autoconf test for clean_bdev_aliases()
      LU-13783 build: Fix LB_LINUX_VERSION rule for v5.8
      LU-13153 lib: fix llapi_get_version_string

Olaf Faaland (4):
      LU-13709 tests: test lfs mkdir -c without -i
      LU-14109 doc: lnetctl manpage missing import and export options
      LU-14125 obdclass: add grant fields to export procfile
      LU-14125 osc: prevent overflow of o_dropped

Oleg Drokin (8):
      LU-14069 ldlm: Fix unbounded OBD_FAIL_LDLM_CANCEL_BL_CB_RACE wait
      LU-13692 ldlm: Ensure we reprocess the resource on ast error
      LU-13182 llite: Avoid eternel retry loops with MAP_POPULATE
      LU-14027 ldlm: Do not wait for lock replay sending if import dsconnected
      LU-14027 ldlm: Do not hang if recovery restarted during lock replay
      LU-14024 ofd: Avoid use after free in ofd_inconsistency_verification_main
      LU-12564 libcfs: Use vfree_atomic instead of vfree
      New tag 2.13.57

Qian Yingjin (1):
      LU-13826 utils: fix compatibility for LL_IOC_MDC_GETINFO

Sebastien Buisson (8):
      LU-13498 sec: fix credentials with nodemap and SSK
      LU-13975 sec: require enc key in case of O_CREAT only
      LU-13498 gss: update sequence in case of target disconnect
      LU-13740 tests: improve sanity-sec test_45
      LU-13498 tests: remove tests from ALWAYS_EXCEPT with SSK
      LU-14045 sec: fix O_DIRECT and encrypted files
      LU-14095 gss: use hlist_unhashed() instead of ->next
      LU-13474 gss: do not return -ERESTART when gss rpc times out

Sebastien Piechurski (2):
      LU-13683 lfs: return -ENOENT when invoked on non-existing file
      LU-14159 build: fix gcc8 warnings on kthread_run calls

Sergey Cheremencev (4):
      LU-13920 hsm: process hsm_actions only after mdd setup
      LU-13810 tests: increase limit for 1g
      LU-13817 quota: print error when pool is absent
      LU-14071 doc: lfs setquota/quota doc for PQ

Serguei Smirnov (2):
      LU-13701 utils: fix usage of getopt_long in portals
      LU-13998 tests: sanityn test_104 incorrect MDT times shown

Shaun Tancheff (2):
      LU-14020 ldiskfs: SUSE 15 SP2 and mainline 5.4.21 and newer
      LU-13344 gss: Update crypto to use sync_skcipher

Vitaly Fertman (2):
      LU-13645 ldlm: group locks for DOM IBIT lock
      LU-13645 ldlm: extra checks for DOM locks

Vladimir Saveliev (1):
      LU-13614 ldlm: revert LU-11762

Wang Shilong (9):
      LU-8465 tests: enable pfsck if possible
      LU-13745 test: add splice test for lustre
      LU-14115 lod: fix to set inherit flag for stripe directroy
      LU-14131 osd-ldiskfs: reduce credits for overwritting
      LU-14072 llite: fix client evicition with DIO
      LU-14043 llite: allow DIO with unaligned IO count
      LU-14134 osd-ldiskfs: reduce credits for new writing
      LU-9555 quota: df should return projid-specific values
      LU-13669 llite: try to improve mmap performance

Yang Sheng (4):
      LU-14039 obdclass: set LA_TYPE when update_log init
      LU-14130 osc: skip 0 row for rpc_stats
      LU-13368 lnet: discard the callback
      LU-14155 mdc: avoid easize set to 0

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