[lustre-devel] [PROVENANCE INTERNET] upgrade Gerrit's UI?

quentin.bouget at cea.fr quentin.bouget at cea.fr
Wed Jan 22 03:49:43 PST 2020

On 22/01/2020 12:44, quentin.bouget at cea.fr wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was wondering if Whamcloud had any plan to upgrade its Gerrit's UI.
> I am only asking because when you compare two different versions of 
> the same patch, it often happens that some of the differences are not 
> part of the patch itself, but rather introduced by other commits that 
> have landed upstream between the two versions. The current UI makes 
> those indistinguishable from "actual" changes.
> The latest UI -- which can be seen in action on GerritHub 
> <review.gerrithub.io> -- uses a different color to highlight changes 
> that are not directly introduced by the patch being reviewed.
> There are other perks to using the latest versions (such as reviewing 
> files directly from a patch's "main page"), and of course, there are 
> also a few things that some might not find to their liking, but I 
> think the pros outweigh the cons.
> Cheers,
> Quentin
The link above is broken (I must have typed it wrong) : GerritHub 

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