[lustre-devel] Lustre Arm stuff status and work plan

Xinliang Liu xinliang.liu at linaro.org
Sun Dec 19 18:30:56 PST 2021

(Maybe converting to plain text email will be more readable.)

Hi Peter and all,
As Kevin(on cc) and I have been working on Lustre Arm stuff for some time.
We want to give a status and progress report to the community and list our
work plan for the next year.
Please help to review our work plan and give some comments and suggestions.

Status and Progress
- No Arm packages built on official community release yet.

- Verified Lustre, openZFS build and multi-nodes setup on Arm64 CentOS 8,
all are ok.
- Lbuild script support for Arm is on review, LU-15293.

- No Arm server end CI support yet.
- Arm client with x86_64 server test is already in the CI gate.
  - Only run a few ldiskfs test suites(sanity, sanity-sec, sanctity-lnet,
etc.), not a full test.
  - A full test (with empty GRANT_CHECK_LIST) shows several Arm client
related failed test cases, see test results page:
    - sanity test 317: LU-11667 (Workaround fix landed)
    - sanityn test 16a: LU-11597, test 71a: LU-11787
    - conf-sanity test 98: LU-11785, test 112: LU-13813
    - sanity-flr test 50a: LU-14970
    - sanity-pcc test 7a: LU-14346

Arm server end test on local setup
- Run a full ldiskfs test with all test suites.
  - Due to the multi MDTs crash issue, some multi MDTs tests are not run.
  - Many new failed tests come, see the test result google sheet for
  - The openZFS full test is not run, but heard that it should be more
stable than ldiskfs.

- Old Arm always_except bugs https://jira.whamcloud.com/issues/?filter=15555
, the Arm related ones are almost addressed.
  - LU-11596, LU-11597, LU-14067, LU-11787: addressed, patch sent and
waiting for Arm client CI recovery to land.
  - LU-10073, LU-11671: can't be reproduced on Arm or happen on x86_64 also.

- Other old Arm bugs  LU-11785, LU-13813, LU-14970, LU-14346 to be fixed.

- New created server end bugs
  - LU-15122 : ASSERTION( iobuf->dr_rw == 0 ) crash issue, fixed patch is
  - LU-15364: multi MDTs kernel oops issue, related to atomic unaligned
memory access, work in progress.
  - LU-15223: 64K page size read/write improvement, long-term work, in

- Full Arm related bug list with label arm:

Reference to:
James Simmons’ Lustre Arm update:

Work Plan
- Lustre Server End Critical Bug Fix target 2022-06
  - Lustre Multiple MDTs kernel OOPS when stripe issue: LU-15364
  - Lustre hangs at Sanity Test 807
  - Lustre Conf-sanity test 44 kernel crash
  - Lustre Conf sanity case 58 kernel crash
  - Lustre Conf sanity case 78 kernel crash
  - Lustre Conf sanity case 79 crash
  - Lustre sanity-pcc 7a case hang the cluster

- Lustre Server End Non-critical Bug Fix target 2022-12
  - Lustre Sanity failure cases: 33 cases
  - Lustre server replay-single: 1 case
  - Lustre sanity-flr 200 cases fix: 1 case
  - Lustre sanity-hsm failure cases: 25 cases
  - Lustre lustre-rsync-test failure test: 3 cases
  - Lustre recovery-small/sanity-scrub: 2 cases
  - Lustre sanityn test cases fix: 12 cases
  - Lustre sanity-lfsck failure cases fix: 3 cases
  - Lustre sanity-sec failure cases fix :7 cases
  - Lustre sanity-lnet failure cases test fix: 2 cases

- Continuous add more test suites for Arm client CI ??
  - Once a test suite is all passed for Arm then add it into CI.

- Server CI support for Arm on Centos8 ??
  - Ideally, Arm server CI can come with Arm server end fixes patches and
ensure future patches merged don’t make any regressions on Arm.
  - As the test infra is not open source and maintained by whamcloud, it
might need whamcloud to make it ??

- Other works in future
  - Full test with openZFS backend.
  - Test x86 client with Arm64 Server
  - Test other distros like ubuntu, SUSE etc.
  - Basic Optimised: CRC/AES
  - All-flash optimization

Best Regards,
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