[lustre-devel] Reading extended attributes from a Lustre filesystem image.

Saisha Kamat skamat1 at uncc.edu
Sat May 1 15:25:19 PDT 2021


I am a Ph.D student at UNCC and our team is working on the Lustre
filesystem. I am reading extended attributes of the ldiskfs for every
inode. I have used this source
https://wiki.lustre.org/PFL2_High_Level_Design to interpret the layout in
which the extended attributes are stored.

For the Lustre image we are using, there are 605 inodes out of which 253
have extended attributes. The count of lma is also 253, which is correct.
However the only 22 inodes seem to have linkEA attributes and 2 inodes have
lovEA attributes. The count for linkEA and lovEA is seems to be really
small compared to the count for lma.

I am wondering if there is an updated document on the layout of extended
attributes for the ldiskfs inodes.

Thanks and regards

- Saisha Kamat
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