[Lustre-discuss] Will it be possible for a 1.4.x client to mount a1.6.x file system?

Rei Lee rclee at lbl.gov
Tue Dec 11 10:37:28 PST 2007


Thanks for the pointers.  What was missing is the CFS version of the
e2fsprog RPM.  After the right RPM was installed, I was able to upgrade
the 1.4 file system to 1.6 and the file system was mounted both on the
1.4 clients and 1.6 clients.   

However, when I  added another OSTs to the upgraded file system,
only 1.6 clients saw the size increase and file copy worked fine on
the 1.6 clients .  The file system size did not increase on the 1.4
clients and file copy failed on the 1.4 client (errors like "No such

It may not be possible to upgrade the 1.4 clients to 1.6 at this
point.  Would there be other ways to allow cross mount between
1.4 and 1.6 while we are still able to add storage to the 1.6 file



Canon, Richard Shane wrote:
> Hey Rei,
> You may want to check the archives for a more complete answer.  The
> short answer is you need to first create a 1.4 based file system and
> then upgrade it to 1.6.  The reason is some log files that are required
> for 1.4 are not automatically created when you make a 1.6 file system.
> --Shane
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> I have two clusters, one is running 1.4.11 and one is
> running 1.6.x, will the 1.4.11 clients be able to mount
> the file system created on the 1.6.x cluster?  If so,
> how do I do that?
> Thanks!
> Rei
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