[Lustre-discuss] MPI-Blast + Lustre

Charles Taylor taylor at hpc.ufl.edu
Wed Dec 12 18:49:24 PST 2007

Anyone have any experience with MpiBlast and Lustre.     We have  
MpiBlast-1.4.0-pio and lustre-1.6.3 and we are seeing some pretty  
poor performance with most of the mpiblast threads spending 20% to  
50% of their time in disk wait.    We have the genbank nt database  
split into 24 fragments (one for each of our OSTs, 3 per OSS).    The  
individual fragments are not striped due to the ldlm_poold issue so  
that should not be the problem.

Should we not be using the PIO (ROM-IO) version of MPIBlast w/ lustre?

I'm wondering if there are some already discovered guidelines for  
using MPIBlast on top of Lustre that I'm not finding via google.


Charlie Taylor
UF HPC Center

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