[Lustre-discuss] Kernel panic on RHEL 4 WS

Sridhar Gullapalli sridhar at isi.edu
Wed Oct 1 09:36:26 PDT 2008


Are there any gotchas that I am missing, I am trying to install Lustre on a RHEL 4 Workstation machine, and getting a kernel panic.

Does anyone have this  version of lustre running on under RHEL 4 WS?
Pentium 3, 2 cpu 1 GHz processors, with 2 Gbyte of RAM.

Greatly help any guidance or suggestions.

Many thanks


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Greetings folks,

Trying to get Lustre up and running on a RHEL 4 WS box.

Thanks to this list I found the correct link to the e2fsprogs which I

On booting the lustre enabled kernel, I get a kernel panic.

File Descriptor 3 left open
mount: error 6 mounting ext 3
Mount: error 2 mounting n
Switchroot: mount failed 22

Umount /initrd/deve failed 2

Kernel panic -not syncing: Attempt to kill init!


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