[Lustre-discuss] lustre/drbd/heartbeat setup [was: drbd async mode]

Papp Tamas tompos at martos.bme.hu
Thu Oct 2 01:12:28 PDT 2008

Heiko Schroeter wrote:
> Hello,
> at last a first version of our setup scenario is ready.
> Please consider this as a general guideline. It may contain errors.
> We know that some things are done differently in the lustre community i.e. 
> placing MDS and MDT on seperate machines.
> Please let me know if you find bugs or if things can be improved.
> "There is more than one way."

With drbd 0.7 I had no problems with MDS but 8.x series were extremly 
slow to me. I use the same scenario as you: sw raid, but I don't know, 
if it matters at all.

I get this help, still I haven't tried:

"look up the no-disk-flushes and no-md-flushes config options.

don't use on io-subsystems with volatile caches, though."


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