[Lustre-discuss] recovery_status inactive

Wojciech Turek wjt27 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Oct 2 01:22:58 PDT 2008


INACTIVE status in recovery_status file for the particular lustre target 
device means that this device didn't go into recovery after starting 
(mounting) it. Lustre device will only go into recovery if it there were 
clients connected to it when the device was stopped. So INACTIVE status 
is pretty normal status for lustre targets. I don't thing that you can 
force lustre target device into recovery without unmounting it.



Papp Tamas wrote:
> Wojciech Turek wrote:
>> Hi,
>> COMPLETE means that this particular OST was in recovery and recovery 
>> is now finished.
>> To force recovery just unmount OST and then mount it again. If 
>> unmounted OST had any clients connected after mounting it back it 
>> will start recovery process to let all the clients reconnect to it. 
>> When OST is in recovery status it will refuse all new connections 
>> from the clients which means that file system that this OST is a part 
>> of will not be accessible until recovery finishes. Recovery will 
>> finish either when all previously connected clients will reconnect or 
>> it will timout after a certain amount of time. If one of the clients 
>> that was connected to the OST will crash or loose power etc. before 
>> it will get a chance to reconnect then recovery will have to time. If 
>> you know that OST will not recover all previously connected clients 
>> because one of them isn't there any more you can avoid waiting for 
>> recovery to timeout and you can abort recovery manually.
>> lctl --device <OST_device_number> abort_recovery
>> You can find OST_device_number by running 'lctl dl' command
>> You will see line like this
>>   7 UP obdfilter ddn_data-OST0009 ddn_data-OST0009_UUID 1159
>> Number 7 is the number of the OST device.
>> All this is in the lustre operation manual, so please read it.
> Of course I've read the manual many times.
> The problem is not with COMPLETE recovery_status, but INACTIVE.
> I haven't found any info about it in the manual.
> I wanted to force the recovery without unmounting the OST just for 
> give a try.
> Anyway it seems to working right now, I hope, it's OK.
> Thanks,
> tamas

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