[Lustre-discuss] patchless client question

Edgar Gabriel gabriel at cs.uh.edu
Fri Oct 10 11:04:21 PDT 2008


I am currently working on setting up a lustre repository for my cluster. 
While it is not an issue to configure the OSSes to use one of the 
supported lustre kernels, I am a little reluctant ( for technical 
reasons) to go back for the cluster nodes to linux-2.6.22. They are 
currently running 2.6.25.

My question is now, has anybody tried to compile a patchless client for 
  2.6.25? And, more specifically, the lustre-wiki page states that
"...the majority of the ext3 changes have been incorporated into ext4 in 
the 2.6.25 kernel." Is there a way to take advantage of that for 
creating patchless clients?

Thanks for your help

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