[Lustre-discuss] Getting random "No space left on device (28)"

Kevin Van Maren Kevin.Vanmaren at Sun.COM
Sun Oct 12 12:24:18 PDT 2008

Sounds like one (or more) of your existing OSTs are out of space.  The 
OSTs are assigned at file creation
time, and Lustre will return an error if you cannot allocate space on 
the OST for a file you are writing.
Do a "df" on your OSS nodes.

Lustre does not re-stripe files; you may have to manually move (cp/rm) 
some files to the new OST
to rebalance the file system.  It is a manual process, but you can use 
"lfs setstripe" for force a specific OST,
and use "lfs getstripe" to see where a file's storage is allocated.


Mag Gam wrote:
> We have recently added another 1TB to a filesystem. We added a new OST
> and mounted the OST. On the clients we do a lfs df -h and we see the
> new space has been acquired. Also, lfs df -i shows enough inodes.
> However, we randomly see 'No Space left on device (28)" when we run
> our  jobs. But if we resubmit the jobs it works again.
> Is there anything special we need to do, after we mount up a new OST?
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