[Lustre-discuss] lustre/drbd/heartbeat setup [was: drbd async mode]

Thomas Roth t.roth at gsi.de
Mon Oct 13 07:03:27 PDT 2008


read your instructions - that's pretty much the setup we are using, too. 
And it works very well, drbd 0.8 non-withstanding, but on a hardware raid.
I do not quite understand your remark about not using an extra net for 
drbd - have you tried putting the name that's in your drbd.conf together 
with the other IP into /etc/hosts ? My guess is that the performance of 
your MDS-pair is influenced by drbd doing its job - I would keep that 
separate from the Lustre data stream.
The machines we are planning to use in our next cluster are actually 
equipped with four network interfaces - two (bonded) for Lustre, one for 
drbd and one for heartbeat - those serial cables only give me error 
messages and headaches.

We have separate partitions for MGS and MDT - on one machine. Didn't 
understand that this would not be the Lustre way? This way at least one 
doesn't have to worry about a super fast connection between MGS and MDT.

Is there a particular reason for not managing the IP via heartbeat? At 
least it's easier to setup than the drbddisk and Filesystem resources.


Heiko Schroeter wrote:
> Hello,
> at last a first version of our setup scenario is ready.
> Please consider this as a general guideline. It may contain errors.
> We know that some things are done differently in the lustre community i.e. 
> placing MDS and MDT on seperate machines.
> Please let me know if you find bugs or if things can be improved.
> "There is more than one way."
> Regards
> Heiko
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