[Lustre-discuss] large ost and fsck

Steden Klaus Klaus.Steden at thomson.net
Mon Oct 20 13:16:39 PDT 2008

Hi Mag,

fsck'ing a Lustre volume doesn't take any more or less time than fsck'ing a traditional ext2/ext3 volume. I've had to run fsck a few times over the years on 2 TB volumes on a DDN SAN, and depending on how much needs correcting, it usually takes about 15-20 minutes from start to finish.

The only real constraint with OST size is the Linux max file system size (2 TB if memory serves). I don't know if there's a performance benefit or penalty if you have multiple, smaller OSTs ... likely Andreas will be able to shed some light.


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We typically debate weather to create a large OST or smaller OSTs
(100GB). We prefer large OSTs (1 TB) because the ease of management
but how would fsck work? Would it take a long time? Also, if a large
OST is preferred is it possible to consolidate a smaller OSTs into a
larger one?

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