[Lustre-discuss] problems after MDT migration

Christopher Walker cwalker at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Oct 21 07:04:00 PDT 2008

Yup, that was it -- thanks for the reply.

Andreas Dilger wrote:
> On Oct 16, 2008  14:03 -0400, Christopher Walker wrote:
>> We're migrating our MDT/MGS and have hit a snag.  I've tarred all files 
>> on the MDT and moved them to the new MDT, untarred them, and set their 
>> extended attributes.  When I try to mount the MDT, however, I get the 
>> following:
>> [root at circemds1 ~]# mount -t lustre /dev/sdb1 /mnt/lustre/mdt/
>> mount.lustre: mount /dev/sdb1 at /mnt/lustre/mdt failed: No such file or 
>> directory
>> Is the MGS specification correct?
>> Is the filesystem name correct?
>> If upgrading, is the copied client log valid? (see upgrade docs)
>> while /var/log/messages shows:
>> Oct 16 13:48:41 circemds1 kernel: LustreError: 
>> 20338:0:(mgs_fs.c:201:mgs_fs_setup()) __iopen__ directory has no inode? 
>> rc = -2
> It looks like you didn't unmount the local filesystem mount used for
> restoring the backup before trying to restart Lustre.  If you rebooted
> in the meantime (I assume yes, given the date) it should have started
> working again.
> Cheers, Andreas
> --
> Andreas Dilger
> Sr. Staff Engineer, Lustre Group
> Sun Microsystems of Canada, Inc.

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