[Lustre-discuss] large ost and fsck

Kossey, Robert bob.kossey at hp.com
Tue Oct 21 09:00:37 PDT 2008

Can you be more specific about the 8TB limit?  Is it correct that this 
is an 8TB base 2 (8796GB base 10) limit?
Does this limit apply to the raw device size or formatted Lustre OST 
size?  Using RHEL5U1, we have created an OST on a 9.001 TB raw device 
with a formatted size reported from lustre_config of 8584023MB.  Is this 
OST OK to use, or would we have receive an error message if it was not OK?

> The current maximum OST size is 8TB.  We are testing with 16TB with RHEL5
> kernels, though testing isn't finished yet, and also working to back-port
> fixes to SLES10 to also allow 16TB OSTs.

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