[Lustre-discuss] max file size on lustre - No space left on device after 37GB!

Brian J. Murrell Brian.Murrell at Sun.COM
Wed Oct 29 03:46:21 PDT 2008

On Wed, 2008-10-29 at 11:49 +0200, Alex wrote:
> Hello,


> Reading Lustre Manual (section 33. System Limits) i could not find an answer 
> to my problem.
> I am tring to create a 50GB testfile on my lustre file system using dd. After 
> 37GB (which is the max size of one of my OST), dd is stopping complaining 
> about FREE SPACE!!!

> list again free space usage:
> [root at rs1 ~]# lfs df -h
> UUID                     bytes      Used Available  Use% Mounted on
> testfs-MDT0000_UUID     130.4G    460.0M    122.5G    0% /mnt/lustre[MDT:0]
> testfs-OST0000_UUID      18.3G      1.4G     16.0G    7% /mnt/lustre[OST:0]
> testfs-OST0001_UUID      18.3G    444.5M     17.0G    2% /mnt/lustre[OST:1]
> testfs-OST0002_UUID      36.7G     34.8G      4.0M   94% /mnt/lustre[OST:2]
> testfs-OST0003_UUID      36.7G    448.5M     34.4G    1% /mnt/lustre[OST:3]
> filesystem summary:     110.0G     37.1G     67.4G   33% /mnt/lustre
> [root at rs1 ~]#
> As you see, testfs-OST0002_UUID is full,

Yes.  That's why you got the -ENOSPC

> but on /mnt/lustre I have enough free 
> space - 67GB (on other OSTs) in order to allow dd to continue and create my 
> file. How can i avoid dd to stop and allow it to continue to complete on 
> other OSTs?

You need to investigate striping.  Lustre's default striping policy is
1, which is no striping.


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