[Lustre-discuss] Backing up the OSSs and MDSs

Tim Bell tim.bell at cern.ch
Fri Oct 31 11:38:09 PDT 2008

I'm new to Lustre and am investigating what would be required for 
production.  One of the things that we would require would be backup of 
the MDS and OSS data.

For the OSSs, from what I can see, this can be achieved on a per-volume 
basis using LVM and snapshotting.  However, I feel uncomfortable with 
this approach and would prefer something where I can restore an 
individual file from backup if lost.  Is there another way other than 
find with mtime to find the list of modified files in the file system ?

For the MDSs, I cannot see how to back up an online MDS.  If I do a 
split mirror without quiesce and backup the ext3 file system of the 
split-off mirror, I get an inconsistent state of database.

I've seen various references to Amanda based systems but I've not been 
able to find the code that implements it so I could evaluate 
implementing the same thing with our TSM system.


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