[Lustre-discuss] New lustre setup - opinions sought

rishi pathak mailmaverick666 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 02:30:21 PST 2009

         We are in the processes of setting up 2 filesystems using lustre.
         The first one will be based on 10K RPM SAS drives (much faster -
scratch space),
          Second would be on 1TB SATA drives (slower one - user's home).
         As I can see, there are two options :
         1.Create two separate filesystems with multihomed MDS
         2. A single filesystem with 2 OST pools with different stride
size(one SAS and one SATA based).
            Create 2 directories in the lustre FS root by name 'scratch' &
'home' and set stripe pattern and stripe size accordingly for scratch(SAS)
and home(SATA).

Any pointers to pros and cons for the above two setup.
Other thing is that we do not want files to be stripped across pool. Is
there anything that would enforce this.

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