[Lustre-discuss] Heartbeat, LVM and Lustre

Adam Gandelman adam at linbit.com
Thu Dec 10 14:35:38 PST 2009

Brian J. Murrell wrote:
> Indeed.  That is my understanding too, and further, if heartbeat finds a
> resource already running on a node on which it's trying to start it
> stops and throws it's hands up.  When the O/S is starting LVM, both
> nodes end up doing that.
One of many limitations in heartbeat v1 clusters.  Pacemaker and, IIRC,
heartbeat2 crm will attempt to stop an overactive resource when it
notices it is active somewhere it shouldn't be.  Also, if a stop request
fails to clear up the confusion and ensure it is running on just one
node: STONITH.  V1 falls short in this case, too.  hb2/pacemaker HA
clusters do more to avoid throwing its hands up and accepting no
availability.   All the more reason why anyone going HA in production
should brave the learning curve and update to something current.

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