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Peter Jones Peter.A.Jones at Sun.COM
Fri Dec 11 05:48:22 PST 2009

We have no present plans for a release though it is quite 
possible we will do one at some point. However, reviewing the first few 
of the bugs listed below I think maybe some clarification about how the 
flags work would alleviate your concerns in this area. A + flag is 
confirmation that the event has taken place, so "landed" means 
that the patch is actually *in* the release, not that it was 
landed *after* the release.

Mag Gam wrote:
> Will there ever be a release? It seems some bugs from
> have been addressed.
> 17336 18289 19453 19514 19539 19584 19586 19601 19697 19728 19754
> 19759 19788 20491
> Is it best just to patch or wait for
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