[Lustre-discuss] lustre client kernel panic

Nick Jennings nick at creativemotiondesign.com
Mon Dec 21 16:25:54 PST 2009

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Thanks for this tip Bernd. I'll be unable to upgrade for a while, so
this is a very useful workaround. Does it have any drawbacks I should be
aware of?

On 12/22/2009 12:35 AM, Bernd Schubert wrote:
> On Monday 21 December 2009, Andreas Dilger wrote:
>> On 2009-12-21, at 11:15, Nick Jennings wrote:
>>> I had another instance of the client kernel panic which I first
>>> encountered a few months ago. This time I managed to get a shot of the
>>> console. Attached is the dmesg output from ssn1(OSS) dbn1(MDS) and the
>>> JPG is from the console of wsn1(client).
>> I see bug 19841, which has at least part of this stack
>> (ldlm_cli_pool_shrink) and that is marked a duplicate of 17614.  The
>> latter bug is marked landed for 1.8.0 and later releases.
> Nick, if you do not want to upgrade or patch your Lustre version, the 
> workaround for this is to disable lockless truncates. 
> # on all clients
> for i in /proc/fs/lustre/llite/*; do
>         echo 0 > ${i}/lockless_truncate;
> done
> Cheers,
> Bernd

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