[Lustre-discuss] Client Mount Error Messages

Daniel Kobras kobras at linux.de
Mon Dec 28 11:02:44 PST 2009


On Mon, Dec 28, 2009 at 12:00:05PM -0500, CHU, STEPHEN H (ATTSI) wrote:
> I have a question regarding a few error messages presented after a client has
> mounted the File System. The FS mounted ok and is useable but the
> LusterErrors do not look normal. The client does not have IB connectivity to
> the MDS/OSS but uses "tcpX" to access the MDSs/OSSs. MDSs and OSSs are
> inter-connected with IB. The following are the configurations:
> MDS1:
> ·        MGS/MDS Parameters: lov.stripesize=25M lov.stripecount=1
>           failover.node= at o2ib, at o2ib1

failover.nodes tells the clients where to connect when the primary server is
unavailable. You need to list all NIDs of the failover node, or your 10GE-only
nodes won't be able to connect. The Lustre manual has a section on "Changing
the Address of a Failover Node" that might help you along.



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