[Lustre-discuss] client and ost on the same machine, quota

DT Piotr Wadas pwadas at dtpw.pl
Thu Dec 31 13:08:07 PST 2009

Using lustre build from source, with lustre-client-source.
I've read warnings in lustre manual about running client and ost on
the same maching, well, seems fine until I'll keep lustre client read-only
from time-to-time, just to access some particular data in special 

Anyway it's not the point - something I'like to ask is how is quota
and some lctl subcommands related to such situation - I noticed
the following, no matter whether local lustre client is read-only, rw
or whatever, also makes no difference whether I use 1.8.1/ 
server/client builds ( I tested various combinations with various 
versions on server and client, this is experimental environment).

aleft:~# lctl lustre_build_version 
error: lustre_build_version: Invalid argument
lctl   version:

This is what appears on messages log:

[ 4259.594339] ioctl32(lctl:24118): Unknown cmd fd(3) 
cmd(c0046690){t:'f';sz:4} arg(ff8cdef0) on /dev/obd

While using the same command on external lustre client, I got 

client:~# lctl lustre_build_version 
Lustre version: 
lctl   version: UNKNOWN-20090725042217-PRISTINE--UNKNOWN-KERNEL

The same I got when I try to create quota files with 
lfs quotacheck -ug /mnt/lfs00 
command - I'm able to do this from remote client on the same fs,
but unable with local client (rw mounted).

[ 1700.798389] ioctl32(lctl:23023): Unknown cmd fd(3) 
cmd(c0046690){t:'f';sz:4} arg(ffc2fe70) on /dev/obd
[ 2842.829452] ioctl32(lfs:23409): Unknown cmd fd(3) 
cmd(c00466a2){t:'f';sz:4} arg(ffc0a740) on /mnt/lfs00
[ 4075.661809] ioctl32(lctl:23729): Unknown cmd fd(3) 
cmd(c004653b){t:'e';sz:4} arg(fffc9930) on /dev/lnet
[ 4106.129849] ioctl32(lctl:23729): Unknown cmd fd(3) 
cmd(c0046532){t:'e';sz:4} arg(fffc9930) on /dev/lnet
[ 4119.216135] ioctl32(lctl:23735): Unknown cmd fd(3) 
cmd(c0046532){t:'e';sz:4} arg(fff0eee0) on /dev/lnet
[ 4259.594339] ioctl32(lctl:24118): Unknown cmd fd(3) 
cmd(c0046690){t:'f';sz:4} arg(ff8cdef0) on /dev/obd
[ 5414.655030] ioctl32(lctl:24228): Unknown cmd fd(3) 
cmd(c0046690){t:'f';sz:4} arg(ff819780) on /dev/obd
[ 5425.431048] ioctl32(lctl:24231): Unknown cmd fd(3) 
cmd(c0046690){t:'f';sz:4} arg(fff5f2b0) on /dev/obd

My /etc/modprobe.d/lustre.conf is 

aleft:~# cat /etc/modprobe.d/lustre.conf 
options lnet networks=tcp0(eth3,lo)

Except this issue with some strange behaviour accessing lustre 
fs from local client, everything seems to work fine.

Regards, happy new year's eve!

http://dtpw.pl/buell [ 25th anniversary of Buell - American Motorcycles ]
Linux aleft #1 SMP
drbd 8.3.6-(api:88/proto:86-91)
pacemaker 1.0.6-cebe2b6ff49b36b29a3bd7ada1c4701c7470febe

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