[Lustre-discuss] Upgrade-Procedure

Michael Sternberg sternberg at anl.gov
Tue Jan 6 17:22:14 PST 2009

On Jan 6, 2009, at 11:21 , Thomas Roth wrote:
> I've just upgraded a 1 MDT - 2 OST - 2 Clients - test cluster from
> Lustre version to 1.6.6
> However, I did not follow the manual (
> http://manual.lustre.org/manual/LustreManual16_HTML/UpgradingLustre.html#50548855_pgfId-1289726) 
> :
> I did not  use the tunefs.lustre command on MGS/MDT or OSTs.
> My data seem to have survived, the quota had to be switched back on  
> with
> lfs quotacheck.
> My question:  is this treatment with tunefs.lustre ( in particular  
> with
> the somewhat scary "writeconf" parameter)  actually necessary at all?

I also did not perform this step.  I assumed since the manual at  
docs.sun.com wasn't updated, there were no specific steps required.

     links (eventually) to
	Lustre_1.6_man_v1.14 September 2008

But lustre.org (linked by Thomas) holds the newer Lustre_1.6_man_v1.15  
November 2008.  However, the example therein is still the previous  
one, as it refers to kernel 2.6.18-8.1.14.el5_lustre., i.e.  
lustre 1.6.4.

Hmm - Could *not running* tune2fs have been the cause of my hiccup  
with lov_objids that I mentioned last week?  As I wrote then, my data  
was also still intact (at least it was before I opened write access -  

Regards, Michael

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