[Lustre-discuss] How to write nosquash_nid?

Lu Wang wanglu at ihep.ac.cn
Wed Jan 7 05:54:18 PST 2009

Dear list, 
     According to the Lustre manual, Since 1.6, Lustre support  root squash. My question is how to write nosquash_nid, if I want to support more than 1 machine with no root squash. 
Suppose I want to support "", I have tried 
[root at mds01 ~]# echo "192.168.50.[12-40]@tcp" > /proc/fs/lustre/mds/besfs-MDT0000/nosquash_nid 
[root at mds01 ~]# cat /proc/fs/lustre/mds/besfs-MDT0000/nosquash_nid 

According to the manual, that means the format is not right. 
Any ideas ?

Lu Wang

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