[Lustre-discuss] adding 2nd network to lustre

Chris Hunter chris.hunter at yale.edu
Wed Jan 7 15:16:54 PST 2009

We currently use lustre over an infiniband network. We would like to 
allow ethernet clients (ie. no infiniband) to use the same lustre FS.

The MDT and OSTs were all created using only the MGS infiniband 
interface (ie. mkfs.lustre --mgsnode= at ib0).

We have modified the OSTs and MDS to route over ib & tcp networks via 
lustre lnet module flags:
 >options lnet networks=o2ib0(ib0),tcp(eth0)

For the ethernet clients, we specify only the tcp network for the lnet 
 >options lnet network=tcp(eth0)

For the infiniband clients, we use only the ib network in lnet module:
 >options lnet networks=o2ib(ib0)

 From an infiniband client, we mount lustre using the MDS infiniband IP 
address. eg)
mount -t lustre at ib0:/lustre0   /lustre0

On an ethernet client, mounting lustre using the MDS tcp interface 
fails. eg)
mount -t lustre at tcp0:/lustre0   /lustre0

 From the syslog messages, it appears the MGS tells the ethernet client 
to use the ib0 interface (see attached syslog messages) to find the MDT.

So I am missing some configuration for the tcp network. My best guess we 
need to use the "tunefs.lustre" command to add the mgs tcp NID to the 
MDT. However this command won't execute while lustre is mounted.

Any suggestions how to add the tcp network to our existing lustre ib 
network ?


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