[Lustre-discuss] What do clients run on?

Cliff White Cliff.White at Sun.COM
Mon Jan 12 07:56:23 PST 2009

Arden Wiebe wrote:
> I've read it a zillion times but can't seem to find it again.  Can a client run on the same server as a MGS, MDT or OSS?  Is a dedicated client machines necessary?

You can run all of Lustre (clients and all servers) on one node, but 
this is not supported for production use.

MDS and client on same machine can have recovery/deadlock issues.

OSS and client on same machine will have issues with low memory/memory 
pressure. The client consumes all memory, tries to flush pages to disk,
OSS needs to allocate pages to receive data from client and can't due to 
low memory - can result in OOM kill and other issues.

But, for testing, non-production work, quick sanity checks, etc, you can 
certainly run everything on one node, provided you are not doing much work.


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