[Lustre-discuss] What do clients run on?

Cliff White Cliff.White at Sun.COM
Mon Jan 12 08:01:03 PST 2009

Arden Wiebe wrote:
> Okay I'll rephrase the question?  Given a limited deployment can I mount 
> the client on the MDT, MGS or OSS?  Is the best choice to build a 
> dedicated client?

If you care about performance at all, a dedicated client is always best.
While you can run client/MDS somewhat safely (modulo recovery issues) a 
busy client will steal resources from the MDS/MGS, so other clients may 

Again, this is something that may be okay for a testing situation but 
should really be avoided for any kind of production system.


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>     I've read it a zillion times but can't seem to find it again.  Can a
>     client run on the same server as a MGS, MDT or OSS?  Is a dedicated
>     client machines necessary?
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