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I was reading about Lustre roadmap and future releases in the net.. I also read about Lustre and ZFS integration which was quite interesting.
After reading many web sites I am a little confused now!

Here are my questions:

 1.  Integrating ZFS with Lustre: Does this mean that some features of ZFS are going to be integrated with Lustre? ( like optimized checksums of ZFS etc )

 1.  Which version of Lustre will have end-to-end data interity and which checksum algorithm will be used (if not CRC32)?
(I read in one document written by Peter Bojanic which said Lustre+ZFS = End-to-End Data Integrity) So is it ver. 3.0 and above?

 1.  I read in wikipedia under ZFS integration "Lustre 3.0 will allow users to choose between ZFS and ldiskfs as back-end storage".
Why ZFS and ldiskfs are treated separately here even after integration here? Once integrated it is just Lustre 3.0 isn't it?

I would be glad to hear the answers from you which may solve my queries and confusion :)

Thanking you in advance....

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