[Lustre-discuss] Removing an OST

Heiko Schroeter schroete at iup.physik.uni-bremen.de
Mon Jan 19 01:18:10 PST 2009

Thanks very much for the clarification and it works.
Actually i wasn't aware of the differences between set_param and config_param. 
Ashes on me.

Is it possible to get these infos into the documentation as it may hit one or 
the other in the lustre community ?
The manual only gives two 'general' approaches one of which is to 'deactivate 
the OST', the other one just says to remount the partition with "ext3" which 
didn't work for the lustre partitions here.

Maybe something like (if it is correct):

Removing/Replacing an OST with recreating the files into lustre:
Deactivate the OST for the MDS only, using 'set_param' instead 
of 'config_param', so clients are able to read the data. i.e:

>  lctl  set_param  foo-OST000d-osc.active=0

Copy the data on a client to a temp storage outside (does it has to be 
outside?) the lustre system and 'move' them back into lustre to create new 
inodes entries on the MDS.
> 	cp .../dat.file .../dat.file.tmp
> 	mv .../dat.file.tmp .../dat.file
After moving all files the OST can be permantly set inactive with.i.e.:
>  lctl  config_param  foo-OST000d-osc.active=0

Thanks and Regards

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