[Lustre-discuss] RHEL5's OFED with lustre1.8.2 on IB

Ken Hornstein kenh at cmf.nrl.navy.mil
Thu Apr 8 08:27:50 PDT 2010

>Why not just use the binary kernel we provide instead of rebuilding your
>own?  It's the *exact* same kernel that we used in our QA testing and
>therefore a known quantity.

I have to agree with Brian here ... the best success that we've had is to
either use _everything_ from Sun/Oracle (I'm just not used to thinking of
you guys as "Oracle" yet!), or compile _everything_ yourself.  We do the
latter on some systems (for various reasons), but I prefer it when we
can do the former.  Mixing and matching just leads you into trouble
(like the symbol version problems you were encountering).


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