[Lustre-discuss] What's the correct sequence to umount multiple lustre file system

Brian J. Murrell brian.murrell at oracle.com
Thu Sep 9 04:17:58 PDT 2010

On Thu, 2010-09-09 at 18:11 +0800, KMing wrote:
> Any recommendation about the sequence to umount multiple lustre file
> system with combined MGS/MDT or separate MGS, MDT. Thanks.

This question actually answers itself if you think about it logically.

If you unmount OSTs first, you leave the possibility of a client getting
object references to OSTs which are no longer able to answer.  So leave
the OSTs mounted to help drain any remaining requests and unmount the
MDT first.  Once the MDT is unmounted, unmount the OSTs.  The MGS is not
involved in unmounting so it can be unmounted at any time.


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