[Lustre-discuss] Problem with LNET and openibd on Lustre 1.8.4 while rebooting

Nirmal Seenu nirmal at fnal.gov
Thu Sep 9 12:57:37 PDT 2010

I guess the trick is to use _netdev as an option in the mount command or the /etc/fstab entry as Andreas mentioned.

I used to have the _netdev option when I was using Lustre over ethernet which made the automounts work correctly and I didn't have the LNET problem.

With infiniband(openibd) the _netdev option doesn't mount lustre correctly and I had to mount lustre from rc.local after the infiniband networks comes up.


On 09/09/2010 02:44 PM, Ken Hornstein wrote:
>> lustre does get unmounted before NFS filesystem as seen in the log message...
>> the problem is due to the fact that LNET is still up when openibd gets
>> removed.
> Huh, I'm wondering how it ever worked "right" before.  Certainly on the systems
> I have at, I always had to have a Lustre start/stop script which did
> a lustre_rmmod as part of the stop sequence.
> --Ken

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