[Lustre-discuss] Cannot get an OST to activate

Bernd Schubert bschubert at ddn.com
Fri Sep 10 07:56:58 PDT 2010

>> Assuming the disk really is empty then, and LAST_ID really is zero,
>> shall I then leave it at zero, and follow the recommendation of
>> page 23-14, ie, just shut down again, delete the lov_objid file on
>> the MDS, and restart the system?  Certainly the value at the
>> correct index (29) is definitely hosed: # od -Ax -td8
>> /mnt/mdt/lov_objid (snip) 0000d0               292648
>> 346413 0000e0                68225 -7137254917378053186 0000f0
>> 59064                59607 000100                59227
>> 59414
> Yes, that is definitely hosed.  Deleting the lov_objid file from the
> MDS and remounting the MDS should fix this value.  You could also
> just binary edit the file and set this to 1.

Andreas, Bob, please be very very careful with lov_objid. As I already
wrote last week, I get reproducibly and always a hard kernel panic when
I tested and deleted the file and then mounted the MDT again.
You can try it, but DO CREATE A BACKUP of this file, so that you can
copy it back, if something goes wrong.

Sorry, I don't have the time right now to work on the
lob_objid-delete-bug, not even time to write a suitable bug report :(


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