[Lustre-discuss] Problem with LNET and openibd on Lustre 1.8.4 while rebooting

Bernd Schubert bs_lists at aakef.fastmail.fm
Wed Sep 22 06:41:39 PDT 2010

> We then ran into the same problems with openibd hanging on shutdown.  After
> a futile attempt trying to inject a lustre-unload-modules service between
> netfs and openib to run lustre_rmmod.  I tried to hack modprobe.conf to
> eject the lustre modules by inserting this
> remove rdma_cm /usr/sbin/lustre_rmmod && /sbin/modprobe  -r --ignore-remove
> rdma_cm
> this didn't work either because the openibd service script use rmmod
> instead of modprobe -r (aargghh).

All of that seem to be rather ugly workarounds. I think we need to figure out 
why rmmod of infiniband modules not just fails, when still used by lustres 
o2ib moduls.


Bernd Schubert
DataDirect Networks

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