[Lustre-discuss] Default stripe count of an OST pool (1.8.5)

wanglu wanglu at ihep.ac.cn
Thu Aug 4 01:53:56 PDT 2011

Hi all, 
   We just upgraded our system from to 1.8.5.  On version we use the default stripe configuration for each directory within a OST pool. Therefore each file has stripe_count=0. 
   On, "stripe_count=0" has same result with " stripe_count=1" (one stripe for each file). However, it seems that, on 1.8.5, stripe_count=0 equals stripe_count=-1(Use all OSTs in the pool for this file). 
   Anyone met the same problem? Is it possible to do "lfs setstripe -c" recursively? 

   Thank you very much!

Lu Wang
Computing Center, IHEP

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