[Lustre-discuss] Moving storage from one OSS to another

Rafa Griman rafagriman at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 01:57:34 PDT 2011

Hi all :)

Got a customer with:
     - 1 x S2A9900 (one couplet)
     - 500 x 2 TB drives
     - 4 OSS

This customer wants to add:
     - 1 x S2A9900 (one couplet)
     - 300 x 2 TB drives
     - 4 OSS

I know we could "just add" and restripe the existing files. But the
customer wants to physically move 100 drives from the existing S2A9900
to the new one in order to have 400 drives on one S2A9900 and 400
drives on the other one.

So my questions are:
     1.- Can this be done (move drives between OSTs) without losing data?
     2.- Can an OST be moved from one OSS to another without losing data?
     3.- Has anyone done this? How?

I imagine it can be done restriping files/migrating files within the
Lustre filesystem, removing "empty" OSTs, ...



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