[Lustre-discuss] New to Lustre, test install.

Ray Muno muno at aem.umn.edu
Tue Aug 9 09:20:30 PDT 2011

Now that I have located what I want to do a Lustre deployment test, I am 
running in to a few issues.

(If there is a searchable archive for this mailing list, I would have 
started there. I only found it archived by date).

I have a fresh install of CentOS 5.6.

I installed Lustre from the pre-built RPM's available on Whamcloud's 

I followed the "Walk-thru- Deploying a Lustre pre-built kernel" which 
seems to be a bit out of date.  There are some errors on this page 
relative to installation of Ldiskfs. The section seems to be an edited 
clone of the Lustre Modules section.


 From there I went to testing.


When I run the test suite, as indicated, I do not get very far.

# /usr/lib64/lustre/tests/llmount.sh
Stopping clients: nike-lustre-oss-0-0.local /mnt/lustre (opts:)
Stopping clients: nike-lustre-oss-0-0.local /mnt/lustre2 (opts:)
Loading modules from /usr/lib64/lustre/tests/..
lnet options: 'networks=tcp0 accept=all'
Formatting mgs, mds, osts
Checking servers environments
Checking clients nike-lustre-oss-0-0.local environments
Setup mgs, mdt, osts
Starting mds: -o loop  /tmp/lustre-mdt /mnt/mds
error: set_param: writing to file /proc/sys/lnet/debug_mb: Invalid argument

-Ray Muno
  University of Minnesota

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