[Lustre-discuss] Where to download Lustre from since 01 Aug?

Charland, Denis Denis.Charland at imi.cnrc-nrc.gc.ca
Wed Dec 14 10:30:14 PST 2011

I tried to checkout Lustre 1.8.7 from the Whamcloud Git repository the same way I
did for 1.8.5 earlier this fall:

git clone -b b1_8 http://git.whamcloud.com/fs/lustre-release.git lustre

cd lustre

git checkout -b 1.8.7 1.8.7

but I get the following error message:

error: pathspec '1.8.7' did not match any file(s) known to git.

What is the right version to use to checkout 1.8.7 ?

Denis Charland
UNIX Systems Administrator
National Research Council Canada
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