[Lustre-discuss] Setting lustre directory and content immutable but keep permissions

Brock Palen brockp at umich.edu
Wed Dec 14 13:54:41 PST 2011

For a policy issue with scratch space we want to lock a users scratch space that lives on lustre 1.8.x.

We want users to be able to grab their data but not be able to add any more, they also do not need to delete files.

We could recursively remove write bit, problem is we at time may wish to restore write access to the files with the same permissions they had before so we wish to not change the permissions.  We also don't want to put the stress of a bunch of chmod's on the MDS.

So short is there a simple way to say 'directory and children not mutable'  that is undoable by an admin?


Brock Palen
Center for Advanced Computing
brockp at umich.edu

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