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Mark Day mark.day at rsp.com.au
Thu Dec 15 15:34:23 PST 2011

Sure, I was vague. 

We'd like to know what files are currently being accessed on an OST from all clients. 
Is it possible to query the MDS/T or OSS/T for this information? 

ta, Mark 

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On Thursday, December 15, 2011 02:49:41 AM Mark Day wrote: 
> Hi, 
> Is there a lustre tool similar to LSOF -N (for NFS) to help identify open 
> files on an OSS/OST ? We are seeing some unusual load patterns and have 
> run out of ideas on diagnosing it and tracing the issue back to the 
> source. 

Exactly what are you looking for? 

The -N option to lsof is nothing special (adds no NFS specific data) other 
than displaying only NFS files. If this is what you're looking for then you 
can simply give lsof the mountpoint to your lustre filesystem: 

"lsof /path/to/lustre" (Note: trailing / not allowed) 

and only open files on that filesystem will be shown. Without any options lsof 
will show open files on any type of filesystem. 


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