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Patrice Hamelin patrice.hamelin at ec.gc.ca
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   I have two Infiniband clusters, each in a separate location with a 
solid ethernet connectivity between each of them.  Say they are named 
cluster A and cluster B.  All members of each clusters have both IB and 
eth networks available to them, and the IB network is not routed between 
cluster A and B, but ethernet is.  On each clusters, I have 4 OSS's 
serving FC disks.  Clients on cluster A mounts Lustre disk from their 
local cluster, and the same goes on for for cluster B, both on 
Infiniband NIDs.

   What I would like to achieve is client from cluster A to mount disks 
from OSS's on cluster B on the ethernet connection.  The same goes on 
for clients in cluster B to mount disks from OSS's on cluster A.

   From my readings in the luster 1.8.7 manual, I got:

7.1.1 Modprobe.conf
Options under modprobe.conf are used to specify the networks available 
to a node.
You have the choice of two different options -- the networks option, 
which explicitly
lists the networks available and the ip2nets option, which provides a 
lookup. Only one option can be used at any one time. The order of LNET 
lines in
modprobe.conf is important when configuring multi-homed servers. *If a 
node can be reached using more than one network, the first network 
specified in
modprobe.conf will be used.*

Is the last sentence means that I cannot do that?


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