[Lustre-discuss] Packates for Ubuntu-10.04 LTS accting as a Lustre server

Guy Coates gmpc at sanger.ac.uk
Mon Dec 19 03:40:39 PST 2011


> It would be useful to others if you submitted a patch with this in it. 

I am happy to do this.

 There are already debian build targets (we build Ubuntu 10 clients).
> How does this differ from this existing support?

It provides are more convenient way to package the client-modules. The
current debian build uses module-assistant, which produces a deb which
is tied to a specific kernel version, and needs to be manually rebuilt
when the kernel is changed.

The dkms allows for modules for multiple kernel versions to be packaged
together into a single deb. Once installed, the package contains
triggers so that if a new kernel is installed for which no pre-build
modules exists, dkms will automatically build and install them.

The userspace packages are not affected.



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