[Lustre-discuss] Client behind Router can't mount with failover mgs

Michael Kluge Michael.Kluge at tu-dresden.de
Tue Dec 20 00:42:05 PST 2011

Hi Colin,

> > our mgs server (Lustre 1.6.7) failed and we mounted it on the failover
> > node. Our clients (1.6.7) on the same IB network are still functional.
> Ok.. Well aside from the fact that 1.6.7 is long since deprecated, what
> else isn't functional after failover?

Nothing. Everything is fine. Just the 1.8.5. clients behind a IB<->10GE router 
can't mount anymore.

> >   We have exported the fs via a Lustre/10GE router to another cluster
> >   with a patchless 1.8.5. The router works , we can ping around and get
> >   the usual protocol errors. But mounting the fs from the failover node
> >   does not work on these clients. Is this expected or is this supposed
> >   to work?
> Sorry, what are you actually trying to do here???

We have a (pretty old) SDR IB based Cluster with ~700 nodes and 10 Lustre 
servers. We use an IB<->10GE router to attach this Lustre FS to another 
cluster. This works pretty well. But only, when the MGS is mounted on the 
primary node, not when the MGS is mounted on the failover node. I just want to 
know if this is an expected behaviour or not.

Regards, Michael


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