[Lustre-discuss] Lustre 1.8.7 kernel patches for SLES11

Charland, Denis Denis.Charland at imi.cnrc-nrc.gc.ca
Wed Dec 21 08:46:25 PST 2011

> Any good reason why sd_iostats-2.6.32-vanilla.patch has been removed
> from lustre/kernel_patches/series/2.6-sles11.series in Lustre 1.8.7?

I found that it has been removed as part of "b=23988 Remove sd iostats patch from sles11 patch series".

I'm using this patch series to patch kernel in Fedora12. Should I avoid applying this patch
when building the patched kernel?

Does this patch apply to SCSI disks only or does it apply to other type of disks (SAS/SATA) too?

Denis Charland
UNIX Systems Administrator
National Research Council Canada
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