[Lustre-discuss] High availability system for Lustre?

Li Xi pkuelelixi at 163.com
Fri Dec 23 20:55:58 PST 2011

   We have been using Lustre for over five years, and had experienced and learned a lot from  deploying, debugging and modifying it. For us, Lustre is powerful and amazing.
   Recently, we are implementing a high availability system for Lustre, and are looking forward to open-sourcing it. Basically, it is a stackable file system which uses Lustre or other file system's directories as its lower storage, and automatically generate multiple identical branches of files or directories, while everything being keeped transparent to users. Files or directories with some broken branches can be automatically healed as long as one of their branches is fine.
   We used to use Heartbeat for automatic failover, but we think it would be a good ideal to keep duplications of data too. Sometimes disk arrays just break down and datas are lost forever. And it is why we design and implement this system.
   Our system is under heavy development and may be stable for open-sourcing in a few months. We are open for any ideal from its basic designs to its implementation details. Is there anyone interested in this project? Any suggestion or question will be welcome.
    Thank you!

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