[Lustre-discuss] lustre routing between two IP networks (public private)

Bob Ball ball at umich.edu
Tue Jan 4 07:00:29 PST 2011

We have 3 machines that live on both the private network where the bulk 
of the lustre clients and all the servers are located, and several 
clients on the second network of the 3 machines that also need to access 
the lustre file system.  We do this via lnet routing.  From the 
modprobe.conf on each machine:

Typical clients on the "primary" network:
options lnet networks=tcp0(eth0)

The 3 router machines:
options lnet networks=tcp0(eth0),tcp2(eth1.562) forwarding="enabled"

The remote clients:
options lnet networks="tcp2(eth0)" routes="tcp0 
141.211.101.[9,11,97]@tcp2" check_routers_before_use=1 auto_down=1 
dead_router_check_interval=50 live_router_check_interval=100

On the OSS machines:
options lnet networks=tcp0(bond0.4010) routes="tcp2 10.10.1.[50-52]@tcp0"


On 1/4/2011 9:48 AM, DEGREMONT Aurelien wrote:
> Hello
> I'm not sure at all that IP-based routing will behave correctly with Lustre.
> What I would advice instead is to used LNET router instead, between your
> 10.x network and the other one. This will work for sure.
> Aurélien
> Brock Palen a écrit :
>> Is it possible to use a lustre router to route a lustre file system that is on a different network (ip based) to our private (10.x) network?
>> Can this be done with a normal NAT?
>> We have another campuses lustre filesystem we would like to mount on our compute nodes, but the nodes are on a 10.x network,
>> Thanks!
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