[Lustre-discuss] obdfilter-survey crashing

robert spam.robert at risefx.com
Tue Jan 4 12:14:58 PST 2011

Hi Everyone!

I just setup a lustre system on centos 5.5 and lustre 1.8.5. there are
three identical oss with four osts each.

After having fantastic write rates but low read rates, I ran the
obdfilter-survey script to get a hint of what may cause this.

Unfortnately obdfilter-survey in case=disk mode freezes on two of my
three oss at the write task of the 4 objs, 16 threads line and leaves
the system in an unstable state requiring a reboot. The other oss runs
through the script without problems. To exclude a problem in the
system´s setup, I booted one of the bad oss with the working oss´ disk -
with the same faulty result. Creating a new filesystem on all osts of
one of the problem oss neither did the trick.

Any ideas what may cause this behavior? Thanks!


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