[Lustre-discuss] question about routing between subnets

Bob Ball ball at umich.edu
Fri Jan 21 12:48:25 PST 2011

Our lustre 1.8.4 system sits primarily on subnet A.  However, we also 
have a small number of clients that sit on subnet B.  In setting up the 
subnet B clients, we provided lnet router machines that have addresses 
on both subnet A and on subnet B, the MGS machine has addresses on both 
subnet A and subnet B, and all the OSS have lnet routing that lets this 
work.  Our world is a happy place.

Now, due to other factors, we have to change the MGS subnet B address to 
instead be on subnet C.  Subnet C will be set up to have the usual IP 
routing to find subnet B, but what will happen to the clients that exist 
only on subnet B?  Is there a way for them to find the MGS at boot time, 
or are they going to stop working once this network change is effected?

Thanks much,

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